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Decorative Concrete is a blend of natural products, making each product individual and unique and will not necessarily match samples provided.

Product images and samples are an indication only and can vary in colour, shape and texture and should only be used as a guide.

Concrete Supply Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter, remove or replace these products without notice.

Concrete Supply Pty Ltd, as a concrete supplier takes no responsibility for the following:
  • Iron staining, colour change, inconsistency with aggregate, sand colour and foreign materials. Aggregates are a natural product and therefore aesthetic and chemical consistency of this material cannot be guaranteed.
  • Variable colour outcomes after the addition of colour admixtures (oxides).
  • Aesthetic suitability and the structural integrity of the mix, if water or chemicals are added on site, at the request of the concreter or pump operator or any other agent representing the owner of the property.
  • Aesthetic suitability and structural integrity of the mix if the concrete is not cured in accordance with applicable Australian Standards.
  • Inappropriate or poor standards of workmanship by the concreter placers or polishers.
  • Variable colour outcomes from the grinding method used, as well as from sealer and sealer methods applied.

    We advise that all concrete shrinks as it hardens and this can result in cracking. In order to minimise the amount and severity of cracking it is advised that you contact your structural engineer to assess and take into account soil conditions, slab design, thickness, reinforcement and jointing details to ensure the design reflects the expected outcome. Extra care should be taken on windy and high temperature days.
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